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Recruiting Agency in Bangladesh

Rafiya overseas- Recruiting Agency in Bangladesh

Constant growth for your firm it is important to work on the innovative business endeavor. Excellent manpower is all that you need. Apart from employee’s support, it becomes quite impossible to gain the desired ROI (Return on investment). We are the manpower agency to help you find the experts. OnHand with Rafiya Overseasrecruiting agency and get outstanding services. We are the Government approved recruiting agency in Bangladesh, processing all kind of “Visa Stamping” and giving “Manpower Services”. We are collaborating with many countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arab, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai city, Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon.Therefore, accompanying Rafiya Overseas will help you to get the best candidates for your company.


Certification: Registered with peoples Republic Government of Bangladesh.

Business Type: Manpower / Recruiting Agency.

Reg. License No: 1645

Address: 121, D.I.T extension road, Fokirapool, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Contact No: 01921747748, Email:

Core Services- Visa Stamping and Manpower Services

Visa Stamping

Visa Stamping is the process to endorse visa in the passport. We are doing Visa Stamping for several countries. According to Visa, charges and duration will be different.

Visa is the document proved that the person is authorized to enter the region. And can stay for a specified period. Immigration authorities of a country give this permission to the applicants.

Types of visas,

Job visa

Business visa

Student visa

Tourist visa

Transit visa

Visit visa

Residence visa

Entry and duration period

Visas can be single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry; single entry means visa will be canceled just after the visa holder exit the country. Things are the same for double and multiple entries. Countries can grantre-entry which allows the holder to temporarily staying in the country without disqualifying the visa. 

After issuing, a visa can be used up to a certain period of time.

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Manpower Services

Accruing our agency would be beneficial for you to devote your time to other activities. Our dedicated team will find the best employees for you. We have excellent staffs who will guide you with their best ideas by keeping in constant touch with your company and informing about the market trends.

Manpower Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Manpower istalented and efficient for international job field. Rafiyaoverseas promotesManpower of Bangladesh in front of the world. And arrange good employment in different foreign companies. Through training and skill development Bangladeshi Manpower are finding international standard opportunities in the professional era.

Recruiting system of Malaysia:All Bangladeshi recruiting agencies on the basis of G-to-G Plus (government-to-government) arrangement are allowed to recruitmanpower of Bangladeshto Malaysia. Base on the category of job and skills, different working passes are issues when achieving a work permit.

Employment Pass: This pass issues for employees with particular skills, like Technical or Managerial jobs. The minimum time period of this pass is normally 2 years.

Official Visa Pass:This pass issued for a period up to 6 months to provide certain service to the Malaysian Branch of the same company where he/she is doing the job in his/her home country.

Recruiting system of Saudi Arab:Saudi Arabia is a conservative country, strictly follow the Sharia Law. For getting the visa for Hajj and Umrah are easy for the religious purpose.

Saudi Arabia is the country where need Transit Visa for the passengers, whether in transit by air or land.

Transit Visa:To apply for Transit Visa, this is required to fill the online application and then pay the application fees. As supporting documents will need a valid passport, resident permit of the home country, confirmed travel route, permission letter to enter the country, two passport size photos, and a declaration with the sign.

Visitor Visa: To acquire visitor visa, you have to be invited by a company or individual to stand as your sponsor. And will be responsible for you during your staying period. The sponsor is the person who applies for the visa and gets the serial number. After getting the invitation you will have to contact with Saudi embassy to get visa stamp on your passport. A minimum fee is applicable for the visa stamp. This is very rare to change visitor visa to residence visa while you are still in the kingdom.

Recruiting system of Qatar: Qatar accepts visa-release for more than 3 countries and also GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) members. Qatar Embassy does not have express services. Also, don’t have any additional fees for any application.

Family Visa:Job permit holders of Qatar are allowed to bring their family from abroad, or can renew residence visas of their family members.

Business Visa: To obtain a business visa, passport holders of few countries would be allowed for the direct entry visa. Previous visas at borders of the state are not the main fact. A company or a standard formation can submit an application to the Immigration Department. Business visa has validity for 2 weeks and allowed to renew for more 2 weeks.

Businessmen from bellow countries are eligible for the visa, such as the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Malaysia, Canada,Italy, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal,Austria,  Ireland, Greece , Finland, Monaco, the Vatican, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, Spain, Lichtenstein, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea.

Visas for Family Visit: Family member of the residence of Qatar eligible to apply for this visa. The duration of this visa is one month. If any visitor wants to stay more than one month in Qatar, then the visitor has to conduct a medical checkup before the end of one month period. If everything is perfect, visa can be renewed for five months for direct family members including father, mother, sisters, and sons. And two months for other relatives.

Make the Right Choice

To get better services it is important to hire the right agency. These services are a little bit expensive. So you have to be sure enough that you are selecting the right agency as well as the best packages of all time. Get hold with our team, evaluate our reputation and discuss your needs with our team. This collaboration will give you the best resource.

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All of our services are available online, thus it is very easy for you to check the core packages. We are confident to offer the best services for you, as you will ask. We are available 24 x 7, for answering your calls and other support.